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Information Without Analysis is Pointless: Digital Marketing Analytics

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Krista Neher

Jul 30 2015

Digital Marketing Information Analysis

I recently started using a FitBit, which gives me all sorts of information about my body. My FitBit gives me sleep information – it tells me how often I sleep, experience restlessness, and how often I’m awake. The sleep information is really interesting – apparently I’m very restless and sometimes wake up a lot at night. I kind of already knew this.

FitBit Sleep Tracking

Here is the problem with this information.

What do I do with it?

So I don’t sleep well. What do I do with that information?

Is it good? Is it bad? What causes it?

I know none of these things.

I do nothing. I look at it. I find it interesting. I do nothing.

This got me thinking about digital marketing analytics.

I’ve worked with countless companies who struggle with measurement and analytics. The reason they struggle is that they print out reports, they look at them, they find them interesting…but they don’t really know how to interpret the results or act on them.

For example when you show a CEO that you grew Facebook fans by 5% one month, what is that actually telling them? Is it good or bad? How did we achieve the growth and can we replicate it?

The problem with digital marketing reporting is that many people pull reports and overwhelm themselves, their clients, and their bosses with data without providing any analysis or insight.

When it comes to digital marketing analytics and reporting, it is important to provide analysis and insights to bring meaning to the information.

The next time you create a report, ask yourself:

  • What does the information mean?
  • What is it telling you?
  • What caused the results?
  • Are they good or bad?
  • What conclusions can you draw from the information?
  • How does it inform your strategy?
  • What action can you take?

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