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Insights from ad:tech Opening Keynote

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Krista Neher

Apr 20 2010

I’m at the ad:tech conference this week (note – ad:tech is a client) which kicked off with an awesome keynote by Jamie Cohen Szulc, the CMO of Levi Strauss.  The keynote was great – Jamie had a very engaging and entertaining presentation – if you ever get a chance to hear him speak DO IT!

There were a few key insights that I took away that I want to share.

  • Play Your Position – Brands approach digitl like 5 year olds playing soccer.  They see the ball and they run towards it.  Play your position and be strategic.  Stay the course.
  • Lose Control to Gain Advantages – Brands have to get comfortable losing some control online in order to win in the digital space.  Encourage and inspire conversation and go with the flow to be successful.
  • Quality and Consumer Relevance – Are the core of digital marketing.  Provide a great experience that is relevant  to your consumers through your marketing and your product.
  • Control over Brand Identity is a Thing of the Past – Brands are being defined through social media and through what people chose to share.  Brand identity is increasingly based on the consumer experiences and articulation of these experiences.
  • Strategy and Execution should be Separate – Keep strategy and execution separate to be successful in the space.  This helps you stay strategic vs. reactive.

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