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Instagram Love Starts With a D.A.T.E.

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Melissa Byers

Jun 26 2018

If you post it, Instagram engagement won’t immediately come. It’s a tough lesson, but let me help you learn it quickly.

Recently at an air show, I had the great privilege of seeing it three times. Don’t ask. My husband used words like “once in a lifetime” and “up-close,” plus, I’m a sucker for a loud, noisy jet. What can I say?

If it’s anything like what you’d imagine an airshow to be, there were thousands of attendees on the grounds each day. People jumped out of planes, vintage aircrafts puttered by, the Blue Angels screamed passed in perfect formation, and I marveled in it all. It was a huge event with big personalities and brands behind it.

“Follow Us, Tag Us, and Share With Us” was everywhere!

Aviation enthusiasm aside, there was one similarity among the participants that any digital marketer couldn’t ignore. Between military tributes and death-defying (literally) acts, there were regular references to their social media. While phones were aimed at the sky, you’d hear, “Share your photos from today’s show and follow us @viperdemoteam.” (That’s their real handle, by the way. Follow along, if you’d like. They’re AMAZING! “The sound of freedom” gets me every time.)

At every turn, I, as an airshow attendee, was prompted to follow, share, tag, engage, consume, and otherwise become part of the acts’, sponsors’, celebrity guests’, news stations covering the event’s, and the event’s digital worlds. As I thought about the businesses and organizations I interact with (both small and large) it was a mixed bag. Some regularly encouraged the Instagram engagement and others didn’t. 

If you’re strategically going after Instagram followers, you’re awesome! If you feel tentative about it…

A D.A.T.E. can make all the difference in your Instagram engagement

  1. DISPLAY your Instagram username everywhere so the prospective followers can’t miss it. 
  2. Actively ASK people to follow you. Don’t be shy! 
  3. TIME your request well for best results. Think about what people are doing when they’re most likely to tag or follow you. Example, I was in a clothing shop recently and they had their Instagram username written with dry erase markers on every mirror! 
  4. ENGAGE prospective and new followers with likes, comments, follow-backs (when appropriate) and EXCELLENT content! Give them a reason to stick around.

For more helpful social media marketing tips, follow us on Instagram @bootcampdigital. See what I did there?

No seriously, follow us. You won’t regret it.

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