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Instagram has 1 Billion Users: 9 Things you Need to Know

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Krista Neher

Jul 24 2018

Instagram is now the second largest social network with 1 Billion users!!! The growth of Instagram is huge, but more interesting is the engagement of the users. Instagrammers are more likely to engage and interact with content vs. Facebookers, and they view more content there.

As a business leader or marketer you can’t afford to ignore Instagram or view it simply as an add-on to Facebook. If you want to learn more check out our Instagram Training Course.

Here are the top things business and marketing professionals need to know about Instagram.

1. Instagram is Huge

Instagram still seems to get less attention from marketers vs. other (often smaller) platforms. Instagram is now significantly larger than Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and SnapChat.

It is worth your time and attention as a powerful way to engage and connect with your audience.


2. Instagram Has Mass Reach

It isn’t just for young people – with over 1 BILLION users it is more and more mainstream. Yes younger audiences are more active but even my grandmother is now on Instagram.


3. Instagrammers are Engaged

Facebook users tend to not engage with brands as much anymore – but Instagrammers are still highly engaged. They will follow you, like your posts and leave comments.

The visual nature and lack of links on Instagram means that people can quickly consume and engage with a lot of content – and they do!


4. Brands are not Downgraded in the Instagram Algorithm – Organic Reach Exists!!!

Despite being owned by Facebook, Instagram doesn’t reduce the visibility of posts from businesses. This means that your posts have just a good shot of breaking through as anybody else.

With great content and a community strategy you can get organic reach and attention for your business and content.


5. Businesses Can Connect with People

Unlike Facebook where business accounts are very limited, on Instagram a business account can do the same things as a person. Businesses can find, follow and interact with people.

This makes Instagram a powerful opportunity for finding and connecting with new audiences.


6. Instagram Content Should be Customized

Some businesses just replicate their Facebook Ads or posts on to Instagram. DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!! Instagram is a big and powerful platform and if you really want to do well invest in unique content that will work on Instagram.


7. Instagram Stories are a Big Opportunity

Stories are the fastest growing product in Facebook history – but few businesses take advantage of them yet.

Stories give you great visibility and longer content engagement times. Consider using them to share your message in a more impactful way.


8. Try Instagram TV for Deeper Content Engagement

Instagram TV is open to any user to share longer format vertical videos. This is a great opportunity to build deeper connections with your audience and get noticed!

Try Instagram TV as a way to grow visibility and become an early mover on the platform.


9. Most Brands Still Suck – So You Can Get Noticed!!!

Despite being so big, many brands still aren’t as active on Instagram as they should be. This means that businesses still have the opportunity to get noticed.

Check us out on Instagram – we’ll be experimenting with Stories, Instagram TV and more @BootCampDigital

Make Instagram a priority for your business – check out our Instagram Training Course to learn exactly how to make the most of Instagram for your business.

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