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B-to-B Instagram Case Study: Awareness, Branding & Sales

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Krista Neher

Dec 15 2015

B to B Instagram Case Study Blog

Instagram is one of the most powerful social networks – it is growing quickly and Instagram users are highly engaged.

Many businesses and social media marketers wonder if Instagram is right for B-to-B businesses… The long answer is that it depends on your marketing objectives and the nature of your business. The short answer is that it is worth exploring Instagram – even for B-to-B businesses.

The Challenge

Boot Camp Digital wanted to use Instagram to grow brand awareness with new audiences. The target audience uses social media in a limited capacity and wants to learn more about how to strategically use social media professionally.

As a social media company, it made sense for Boot Camp Digital to participate on Instagram to demonstrate thought leadership…. But can Instagram actually generate clients for B-to-B businesses?


Boot Camp Digital shares content on Instagram regularly to engage with those interested in learning more about social media marketing and digital marketing.

The content posted to Instagram includes social media tips and tricks, as well as live pictures from the Boot Camp Digital social media training.

Boot Camp Digital posts a few times a week with content that builds the brand and is useful to marketers.


Boot Camp Digital was successful in building brand awareness through Instagram – even business related posts and quotes received 20+ likes on average and a few comments.

The engagement on the posts showed that Boot Camp Digital was achieving their strategic objective of building awareness and connecting with the Instagram audience.

Surprisingly however, the results went even further. A post about a live Social Media Boot Camp workshop generated a comment from an Instagram user who was interested in our training. The conversation was taken offline where Boot Camp Digital could share more details about the training.

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Bottom Line

There are a few things that this case study demonstrates:

  1. There is an interest in B-to-B content on Instagram.
  2. Instagram can drive awareness and be used as a brand-building tool.
  3. You never know where your customers will come from – the more great content you put out the more opportunities you’ll generate.

Find out more about what Boot Camp Digital shares on Instagram

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