Instagram Vs. Vine Video: What is the Difference?

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Krista Neher

Jul 29 2013

Video in 15 seconds or less seems to be emerging as the new trend in social media. Twitter launched Vine a few months ago, which allowed users to create short (6 second videos). While Vine was launched by Twitter, Vine is a completely separate stand-alone social network. Vine is an application that has to be downloaded separately from Twitter.

Recently Instagram announced their micro-video application, Instagram video. Instagram video integrates directly into Instagram, so it is simply another recording option for users. Instagram videos are 15 seconds in length, and they allow users to add filters, similar to Instagram images.

Which Will Win Out? Instagram Video or Vine?

It is too early to say, but in my opinion, Instagram video seems to have a more robust features set and execution. Some of the things that I like about Instagram video vs. Vine are:

  • Integrated into Instagram – I don’t have to add ANOTHER new social network
  • Use of filters
  • 15 seconds allows me to actually say something….
  • I hope they make them embeddable soon

What are the Differences?

This chart from TechCrunch summarizes the differences:

Instagram Video vs. Vine Video

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