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January 2020 Digital Marketing News Updates – Brands Collab Manager on Instagram, @Mentions in YouTube Titles, and Email is BOOMING!

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Krista Neher

Jan 13 2020

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Facebook News Updates

Instagram News Updates

YouTube News Updates

  • YouTube Purges Accounts – You may see a decline in your subscribers as inactive accounts are removed.
  • YouTube allows @ Mentions in Titles and Descriptions – You can now tag other YouTubers in content titles and descriptions to grow visibility and drive engagement. This is also great if you have any partnerships.
  • YouTube Promotes Studio – This gives you real-time updates and information on your channel and content and YouTube is encouraging users to make use of the information to improve their content.

Twitter News Updates

  • Twitter Expands Brand Lift Tools – When running Twitter ads brands (with managed accounts) can now run brand lift tools to assess the effectiveness of your ads. This is only available if you spend enough to work with a Twitter rep (have a managed account).
  • Twitter Shares 2020 Content Calendar with Major Events – Even if you don’t use Twitter this is helpful if you like to link your strategy to holidays or events. The calendar shows all major holidays and events.

Digital Ads News Updates

Industry News

  • Survey of Social Channels and Content – A survey of marketers shows Instagram is projected to be the primary channel and in-house content is becoming more prominent.
  • Study Shows Email is Booming – 84% of respondents check it daily. The platform is still large and important (especially at driving action. Even Millennials check email frequently.
  • Content Trends from Pinterest 100 – The report shows projections for top trends in content in 2020. This can be a great place to go to inspire your content strategy.

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