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January 2024 Digital News Updates

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January 2024 News Updates

Krista Neher

Jan 05 2024

Instagram’s Flipside, Adobe Shares Creative Trends, and More!

Members of our All Access Pass get the first look at the latest digital marketing news updates each month. We cover what matters to marketers during a live, interactive session and answer questions. We spend hours combing industry news sites looking for the most critical updates, so you don’t have to! January 2024 saw major updates from Instagram’s ‘Flipside,’ Adobe’s Creative trends for 2024, TikTok launching their desktop interface, and more! 

Facebook and Meta News Updates

Instagram News Updates

  • Instagram Flipside: Sharing everything was all the rage until it wasn’t. Instagram, Facebook, and even X all adopt users’ desires for privacy. Instagram’s version, Flipside, will allow you to create an alternative profile to segment with multiple populations.
  • Reels Outperforms TikToks in Views: Read this article for the full details, but the takeaway is Reels outperformed TikTok in every category.

TikTok News Updates

X (Formerly Twitter) News Updates

LinkedIn News Update

  • LinkedIn Tests AI-Based Learning: LinkedIn is again adding more AI features to its education resources this month. One feature includes a coaching element that will give you tips to improve set skills.

Digital Marketing News Update

  • Google’s Tracking Protection on Google Chrome: You will now get the option on Google Chrome not to be tracked by third-party cookies. What does this mean? If your website is not set up correctly, it may not run effectively, so be sure you are set up correctly.
  • Third-Party Data Limitation Could Be an Issue for SMBs: With more privacy controls on data, you will see more limitations on third-party data. Now is the time to look into how to use strategy with your first-party data for a better ROI.
  • The Most and Least Valuable Social Media Advertising Chart: This is a great chart to start our year. It looks at data from 2023 and rates the average CPM on selected social media platforms. Here is our takeaway: remember, rather than solely relying on the CPM, consider the audience’s location before you make any adjustments for 2024.
  • Adobe’s 2024 Visual Trends and Social Media Impact: Adobe came out with four distinct categories for 2024, which include calming rhythms, wonder and joy, dynamic dimensions, new nostalgia, and fluid and flowing forms.


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