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Jan 28 2013

Creating Killer ContentI’m extremely excited to announce our newest training program! This new class will be on social media content marketing training.

Our Training Programs Often Sell-Out – So Please Reserve Your Seat ASAP.


With 88% of businesses now active on social networks in 2013, it’s getting harder and harder for businesses and brands to use social media to gain new sales, leads, and clients. There’s so much overwhelming content on the web at this point, and most people are finding that their voices are getting drowned out.

That’s why I created Creating Killer Content: Breaking Through the Clutter in the Social Media Age.  The biggest challenges that brands are facing is creating content that connects with their audience in breaks through the noise.  Finding good content to post (and getting inspiration) can be one of the biggest challenges for social media marketers.

The goal of our Creating Killer Content class is to help people do just that – come up with a content marketing strategy that is going to finally start getting results. Social media marketing is not even slightly similar to traditional marketing – companies used to be able to easily purchase advertising slots on television and newspapers. Now, in social media marketing, they have to earn the attention of consumers, and that is no easy feat.

Creating Killer Content TrainingThe best part of this Creating Killer Content class is that it not only shows you what kind of content works best on what networks: You’ll learn:

  • Exactly how to build a content plan
  • What to post to drive engagement
  • The content that works best for each social network
  • How to find inspiration for great content
  • How to link your content plan to your marketing objectives

There is nothing more reassuring than knowing your strategy is airtight and that you’re guaranteed to get results from it.  

You will leave this training with tons of ideas and strategies to get more from your social media marketing.

Training Details:

Feb 6, 2013

LIVE Training 11:30 – 1:00  REGISTER NOW (Includes LUNCH!)

Online Training 2:00 – 3:15  REGISTER NOW (Includes a recording plus downloadable resources)

If you’re curious about everything we’re going to cover, you can expect to learn:

  • Why content is so important in the social media age
  • How content can drive traffic from search engines
  • Step-by-step methods for creating content plans to drive your business
  • How to execute your content strategy plan to get results
  • What successful companies have done to get sales, leads, and traffic from content
  • What your competitors are doing to use content to drive results, and how you can get ahead in the new year
  • The latest tools, trends, and tactics to get your content read and seen on the web

So quit wasting time, and start getting results! We’re excited you’ve decided to take the next step towards Creating Killer Content on social networks!


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