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July 2019 Digital Marketing News Updates: Facebook Post Ranking, Pin Stories, LinkedIn Picture Tags

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July 2019 Digital Marketing News Updates

Krista Neher

Jul 15 2019

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Facebook News Updates

  • Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency – Facebook announced the launch (in 2020) of a new cryptocurrency and digital wallet for purchases on Facebook. This could potentially increase the commerce potential of the site as transactions can be managed directly on Facebook.
  • Public Comment Ranking Revealed – Facebook shares the factors that they consider when ranking public comments on a post. Importantly Pages can turn off rankings.
  • Facebook Removing some Fields from Pages – You will see a notification of the fields being removed on your Page.
  • Facebook Launches Market Research App – After pulling a similar app in January, the new app allows Facebook to collect data from users. Facebook plans to use the information to create better products. 
  • Facebook Allows Organic Targeting to Top Fans – If you have a special offer or other content that you want to sent specifically to your top fans, you can now choose this in Facebook post targeting. Still not confirmed for all Pages and you need to turn on your Top Fans badge.
  • Facebook Continues to Improve Video Editing – If you missed in, Facebook rolled out some cool tools to turn images and text into simple video posts. They are tweaking this feature to help it drive even better results.

Instagram News Updates

  • Branded Content Ads – Instagram will now allow businesses to promote (approved) content from their influencers. This is a powerful way for brands to augment the reach of their influencers and get more views behind authentic branded partner content. 

Pinterest News Updates

SnapChat News Updates

  • SnapChat Launches In-App Purchases – This is only available to a few influencers at the moment, but it allows the influencers to offer their products for sale directly in the app. This follows the trend of integrating shopping into social media.

LinkedIn News Updates

  • LinkedIn Ad Review – LinkedIn launches a new monthly series where they review a top performing ad. If you are struggling to make your ads on LinkedIn work, this could be a great place to learn more from those who are successful.
  • Tagging People in Photos – LinkedIn now allows members to tag other members in photos. This can be a great way to increase visibility of photo posts.
  • LinkedIn Rolls Out Objective Based Ads – You can now choose different ad objectives for your ads. Also check out the link above with a good refresher on targeting options on LinkedIn.
  • Video Messages – Users on LinkedIn can now send videos in messages.

Search News Updates

  • Google Change will Show More Diverse Results – Google announced that they will further reduce the number of search results that come from one websites. This could lead to more diversity in the results and some businesses getting a boost.
  • Voice Search Study Reveals Rankings – With voice activated devices becoming more prominent, voice search is becoming more relevant. This study reveals what it takes to rank in voice search. Specifically, top organic results with snippets and easy to understand language that load quickly are most likely to perform well. 

Digital Advertising News Updates

Industry News and Research

  • Tick-Tock Advertising Launches – Tick-Tock is a video sharing social network that is popular with young audiences. They announced the launch of self-serve advertising on the platform, similar to other social networks. It remains to be seen if the platform will thrive and grow, but adding monetization suggests they are moving in the direction of growth.
  • Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report – This is one of the most anticipated annual reports on the internet and digital marketing. Check it out to see where the internet is going in the years ahead. It is over 300 pages, so grab your favorite beverage and settle in.

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