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June 2017 Digital Marketing News Updates

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October 2018 digital marketing news updates

Krista Neher

Jun 09 2017

Our list of June 2017 social media updates includes a long list of Facebook news, a word about LinkedIn and why now is the time to update your profile, and an update about Twitter direct messaging. Keeping up-to-date allows you to stay on top of your social media game.

Facebook News – June 2017

  • Facebook allows groups to create courses – Groups can now create online learning courses as part of the functionality within the group. It seems to still be in testing, but several accounts have access. It’s interesting if you use groups for your business, this offers another service you can provide to your members. Functionality is pretty limited at this point, but it’s great for quick tutorials or tips. It could also work as a great incentive to grow your group membership.
  • Facebook adds “Order Food” option in main navigation – This is relevant to restaurant owners. Now there will be an “Order Food.” Definitely make sure you’re set up correctly to be featured in the “Order Food” section so you can capitalize.
  • Facebook announces live chat with friends – This new feature allows you to live chat with friends, which is a private chat about the video between you and those you choose, rather than between the person conducting the live stream and anyone who is watching. Another great function is the “Live With” option, which allows two people to be in the live stream.
  • Facebook expands personal fundraisers – Facebook is working to replace sites like GoFundMe using Facebook Fundraisers. They have to be approved by Facebook and fall within set categories, even if you’re not a non-profit.
  • Facebook, Instagram and Messenger allow cross-platform notifications – Facebook now allows notifications from different apps appear all in one place. Outside of the advertising platform, there hasn’t been a lot integration. Now it’s expanding to the general public.
  • Groups can now screen new members with questionnaire – If you’re a group manager, you can now require group applicants to complete a questionnaire to make sure they’re qualified. Note, this is the second update for Facebook groups, this could show that Facebook is investing group functionality and could be a trend.
  • Facebook cracks down on fake live videos – Some folks are using the live streaming feature to show recorded video. Facebook is cracking down on this misrepresentation and misuse of the feature.
  • Facebook reduces visibility of low quality links – Facebook is trying to improve the user experience. They really want to reduce low-quality experiences. They’re going to reduce the visility of links that go to low-quality webpage experiences. This is intended to discourage pages from posting clickbait, spam, and misleading information.
  • New analytics link Facebook ads to offline purchases – Facebook is working to improve the reporting of lead ads and their connection to offline conversion. Facebook is now working with partners to try to link your Facebook audience to your customer transactions. It helps connects the dots between the role the ad plays in getting someone into the store, for example.
  • Facebook reduces clickbait in the newsfeed beware of exaggerations and missing information – Facebook ranking posts with exaggerations and withheld information lower. Facebook is now looking at it at the publisher level. If they consistently use this type of headline format, they’ll penalize the entire page in ranking.

LinkedIn News – June 2017

  • LinkedIn announces intentions for third party integrations – If your LinkedIn profile isn’t awesome, this is the time to fix it. LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft and your profile will now be integrated into several applications, quite possibly in Microsoft products. For example, perhaps Outlook email will now give you the LinkedIn profile snapshot of someone who sends you an email. Make sure your public profile looks good!

Instagram News – June 2017

Pinterest News – June 2017

SnapChat News – June 2017

Twitter News – June 2017

Search News – June 2017

  • Study shows featured snippets reduces organic clicks – Do you really want to be the first Google result? If you show up in the snippet, organic clicks are reduced as searchers often get their answer without clicking.
  • Google speeds up search ads with Mobile AMP beta – AMP (accelerated mobile pages) is a way for a page to load faster on mobile devices. Google is trying to help advertisers by enabling their pages to load faster. If you’re interested in participating, you’ll have to sign up for their beta.
  • Google tests buy button in search ads – You can add the “Buy” button to search results, likely upping the likelihood of conversion.
  • Events are now added to search results – If you host events, make sure they are properly optimized! Google has added events, organized in a logical way, to the search results.
  • Bing debuts Bots in local search results – Bing has enabled bots in search results. If you search for a restaurant, for example, a bot will engage you to serve the information you’re seeking in a chat-like experience. It’ll be interesting to see if Google copies this functionality.

Analytics News – June 2017

  • Google launches Attribution to take measurement to the next level – It’s been difficult for digital marketers to piece together the touchpoints a potential customer has in their journey to becoming a paying customer. This new launch from Google coordinates data from a few sources to give you a better picture of which of those touchpoints had the greatest impact in that conversion.

Digital Advertising News – June 2017

Digital Marketing Innovation News – June 2017

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