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June 2020 Digital Marketing News Updates: New E-Commerce Features on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google My Business

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June 2020 Digital Marketing News Updates

Krista Neher

Jun 09 2020

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Facebook News Updates

Instagram News Updates

  • Instagram Shops let you Create a Shop on Instagram – In an effort to help small businesses sell online quicker and easier, Instagram shops allows businesses to create a shop directly in Instagram.
  • Keep it Positive with Comment Management – Instagram has a number of new tools to support better comment management including blocking comments, pinning comments and choosing who can tag or mention you. The idea is to stop negativity and bullying on the platform.
  • Instagram Supports Creators in Live – Including badges where fans can pay to support a creator and earn a “badge” that displays as well as introducing IGTV ads to monetize the platform.

LinkedIn News Updates

  • LinkedIn has 690 Million Users – And sessions are up 26% this quarter (although that could be linked to record unemployment in the US). The powerhouse keeps growing users and engagements.
  • LinkedIn Events + LinkedIn Live – You can now seamlessly create live virtual events on LinkedIn by combining Live with events.
  • LinkedIn Launches Polls – Providing a new way to engage with your audience. This doesn’t appear to be fully rolled out yet, but look for it on your profile or page.

Pinterest News Updates

  • Pinterest Features Improve Organization – Notes and Boards options make it easier to organize your content. You can add notes and even dates. In addition you can use board templates to create eye-catching content.
  • Pinterest Enhances the Shopping Experience – Including shopping from almost anywhere as well as style sections. This makes it easier for people to shop in the platform.
  • Pinterest Expands Partners – With all of the new Shoppable pins Pinterest has expanded their partners. See who they partner with for every aspect of the pinning experience.

Search News Updates

  • May Algo Update – Google made a major update at the beginning of May (rolled out on the 4th) that significantly changed rankings for many sites. If you notice a change in your search traffic, this could easily be the cause.
  • Google to Add Page Experience to Ranking – This means that the search engine will start looking at page experience metrics to determine page ranking. These are called Core Vitals. This could be a major change to site rankings, so now is the time to start evaluating your site. Google has provided significant guidance around what they look at so you can build a clear plan to create a good experience.
  • Google My Business Listings can Add Gift Cards and Donations – These features can help small businesses drive revenue directly through their listing.

Podcasting Updates

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