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Aug 21 2013

We’ve all had that moment: You walk into a business and you’re greeted by that blue thumb that seems to be everywhere, with a note crying, “Like us on Facebook!” How many times do you actually follow through? I know for me, it’s almost never.

Facebook-Like-Button-bigThe fact is, if your business isn’t giving people a reason to  follow through with engagement, no one’s going to notice what you’re doing on Facebook. This afternoon, Boot Camp Digital held a Facebook 101 for Marketing training session for business owners who wanted to stop simply begging for likes, and start getting their pages noticed.


How do you get your business started on Facebook?

In the session, Krista covered the simple strategies behind creating a Facebook page for your business, and then giving your customers a reason to like your page.  Steps to get started on Facebook with a plan that gets results are:

  1. Create a strategy and clear objectives as to what you want to acheive on Facebook
  2. Lay out a plan of when and what to post (make sure your content is AWESOME)
  3. Create a page and customize it
  4.  Measure what’s working and what’s not for your business’s page.

Analyze and adapt – OFTEN.

After covering the early steps of creating a page, the class covered Facebook’s Insights feature. This allows page administrators to get a better measurement of who’s seeing their posts. Why are these measurements so important? One word: EdgeRank.

You may not know this, but with over a billion users logging in every day, and each of those users following an average of 130 pages, brands, and groups, less than 10% of your followers may see what you’re posting.

Using the Facebook Insights tool, a page manager can see:

  • Who’s seeing your posts
  • What kind of posts get the most attention
  • When content is most likely to get commented on, liked, and shared

It’s not enough anymore to post a funny picture or share a clever line. You have to connect with your followers. A smart Facebook page manager won’t just ask a user to like their page or a particular post. They’ll give them a reason to do it.

If you missed today’s presentation but still want to get your business’ Facebook page noticed,  you can check out our online training for Facebook 101 for Business anytime.

Share with us in the comments: What are some reasons you give your customers to like your page?

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