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March Social Media Round Up

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Jamie Kinder

Mar 24 2016

Social media news monthly round up

Check out our round-up of the biggest changes in social media and digital marketing from the last month. Let us do the work for you, we gather the updates, you reap the benefit of having all of them in one place!

We read all of the latest social media news so you don’t have to.

As a value add for our All Access Pass Members, we provide a monthly call where in 30 minutes we share the biggest changes in social media and importantly how they impact your social media strategy and 30 minutes of open Q&A where we answer questions from our members!

The top news in social media that we covered this month includes:


Facebook Ranks Live Videos Higher – Live videos are considered a separate type of content and may rank better in the newsfeed vs. regular videos.

Facebook Your Business Story – In keeping with the trend to focus on video, Facebook launches Your Business Story where you can quickly and easily create a video to showcase your business.

Updates to Page Messaging – Facebook wants to be the real-time communications channel between customers and businesses, and they’ve launched Page Messaging features to make Page Messaging even more robust. If you use messaging for business or are thinking about it check out these guidelines.

Facebook Test Email Subscriptions from Instant Articles – Facebook is testing allowing publishers to collect email subscriptions directly from Instant Articles. This may make Instant Articles even more appealing on Facebook.

Facebook Moments now Supports Videos – Over 400 M photos have been shared on Moments to date, and it now supports videos. While there are no implications for businesses, this helps solidify Facebook as the place for content sharing.

Facebook Improves Lead Ads – Lead ads allow you to generate leads (email addresses) directly from your Facebook Ads. This makes it easy to get information from people who want to hear from you. Their email (Facebook email) is already populated making it easy for them to connect with you.


Instagram Launches a Timeline Algorithm – Similar to Facebook, Instagram will now use an algorithm in the timeline to change the order of content to show you what you are most likely to be interested in. Apparently average Instagrammers only see 70% of potential photos, so the new change will show them the content they are most interested in first. This means GOOD CONTENT MATTERS on Instagram and that you’ll need to drive engagements and interest to maintain your reach.


Account Targeting Makes Ads More Relevant – Businesses can now target accounts by uploading a list. Once the list is uploaded the ads can be further segmented by job role, seniority, etc. This could make LinkedIn ad targeting much more valuable.


Twitter Turns on Timeline Algorithm – There has been a lot of speculation around Twitter which has seemed to lose its place in the social media world lately. While there was speculation that Twitter would remove the 140 character limit, they have announced that they aren’t planning to do that. Instead they are changing the timeline to give you content based on “Tweets you are likely to care about most will show up first in your timeline. We choose them based on accounts you interact with most, Tweets you engage with, and much more. You can find instructions for how to turn off this behavior here.”


Promoted Pins open to Everyone on DIY Platform – Pinterest promoted pins (or ads) are now open to all businesses with a DIY platform – you can now start testing promoted pins for your business.


Abandons Live Video Streaming – Meerkat acknowledges that they can’t compete with Facebook Live and Periscope – especially since people don’t go live all that often there isn’t a need for a separate channel. They will stick around as a video streaming service to communicate with your friends.

Google+ Create

Google+ Launches Create – A way for power users on Google+ who create great collections to get more exposure. Google continues to launch features around Google+ but it remains to be seen if anything will stick and actually drive users.

Google Ads

Google will no longer show ads on the sidebar of search results – Google will no longer show sidebar ads on search results. This may mean that ad prices go up (since supply and demand dictate prices and supply is dropping) but it is too soon to know.

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