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Patrick Carroll

Feb 03 2014

Micro-videos have stormed the scene and are now a powerful part of a many social media strategies. Although things like snapchat marketing may seem awkward initially, businesses who take advantage early will often realize big benefits later on.  Check out some of the most creative brands marketing with micro-video on Vine, Snapchat, and Instagram. 

Vine- Puma

Vine is a unique way for your business to show it’s personality through 6 second videos. Your forced to keep them short so you must be creative and concise. Puma uses vine to advertise new products and create funny, shareable vines. Any brand with a strong following on twitter should be experimenting with Vine as an opportunity to share their products creatively, like Puma. 


Quick Tip: Add some value to your Vines. Special offers, games, or contests within each 6 second video clip can create an engaging, share-worthy experience. 

Snapchat- Taco Bell

Acquire a snapchat audience and your customers will be getting push notifications for your new products, special deals, and contests 

snapchat marketing

directly to their phone. There’s not a heavily adopted social network available right now that allows you this type of access to your 

audience. Taco Bell is taking advantage by sending pictures of their popular beefy, cheesy, crunchy burritos. Their creative strategy appears to be quite simple… Make it look like any old snapchat that you’d get from your friends. 

Quick Tip: You must advertise your snapchat on your existing social media channels. The lack of a traditional social media “newsfeed” makes it difficult to find businesses within the app.

Instagram- GoPro

The most popular photo-sharing app has become a staple for brands with creative social media marketing in mind. The recently released 15 second video feature gives businesses even more ways to creatively share their products. Businesses like GoPro are taking huge advantage of this feature by posting amazing videos that people are truly excited to share. What would normally just be amazing extreme-sport clips turn out to be awesome commercials for the versatile cameras. 

Quick Tip: Create an army of advocates by employing popular Instagram users as brand ambassadors. See how Ken Block promotes countless brands to his 680k followers http://instagram.com/kblock43

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