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Marketing Automation: Why You Should Use It To Drive Consistency

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Marketing Automation Why You Should Use It To Drive Consistency

Krista Neher

Jan 25 2023

Marketing Automation: Why You Should Use It To Drive Consistency

Marketing Automation does what it sounds like – it automates follow-ups to drive consistency.

It uses the CRM (and is often integrated into the CRM) to create a flow of interactions for a contact. For example, once a new sales lead enters my CRM, the system may assign the lead to a sales rep, and the marketing automation system could begin to trigger emails and phone call reminders for the sales rep.

When we talk about needing more time for our business, marketing automation is essential in driving consistency and giving you back more time.

Not only does it systematize your sales and communication processes so that each contact receives the same communications (emails, phone calls, texts) at the same time, BUT it also filters the conversations based on the ideal path to drive conversions. Additionally, it generates tasks for follow-up procedures and more.

Automation is especially helpful, as sales reps don’t always follow a set follow-up process. By systematizing the follow-ups, the process becomes more efficient and consistent. Furthermore, it allows for transparency and communication within your company. If a member of your team leaves or takes an extended leave of absence, you can reassign tasks easily through automation processes.

Top CRMs include:

Power Tip:

While marketing automation will drive consistency, it takes time. I suggest coming up with a measurable time orientated plan to integrate any new software or steps into your current strategies and workflows.

Additionally, it is good to have a champion on your team who knows the in’s and outs of the product and can be the point person to the software company when questions or issues arise.

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