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May 2023 Digital News Updates – Meta Expands AI, TikTok Host Free Trainings, and More

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Krista Neher

May 04 2023

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Ready for the hottest Digital News Updates for May 2023? Learn how Meta expands AI, TikTok hosts free small business trainings, and more.

Facebook & Meta News Updates

  • Meta Q1 Results – Revenue is up (slightly), but profit margins are still an issue. The results of the restructuring have not yet kicked in, and VR/Metaverse spending continues to grow. Users are up on the platform, so the foundations remain strong.
  • WhatsApp Allows Login Across Multiple Phones – This is great for businesses using WhatsApp for customer communication. Groups can more easily manage the accounts.
  • Facebook Tests AI Stories – These stories are currently an opt-in testing feature. It shows the platform is looking to increase “discoverable” content on the platform. Again, this shows creating great content can bring incremental organic eyeballs.

Instagram News Updates

  • Branded Content Ads are now Partnership Ads – The rebranding also gives advertisers more opportunities to work with UGC content on the platform. There are more paid boosting opportunities.
  • Meta Increases AI Content in the Feed – Meta has announced that they will continue to increase the amount of AI content in newsfeeds. The content has been on the rise in the last few years. Instagram is especially growing AI or discoverability content. Facebook has about 20% AI content and Instagram is about 40%. This is a tremendous opportunity for viral or organic reach to grow IF your content is outstanding.
  • Add Up to 5 Links on Your Profile – WOOHOO!
  • Instagram Updates Reels – Making updates to Reels analytics and making Reels easier to create.

Twitter News Updates

  • Verified Accounts are Prioritized in Feed – This comes as Twitter has gone back and forth on how verified accounts are handled. While users don’t report seeing significant increases in results, it could provide an additional benefit for verification.
  • Twitter Now Requires Verification to Advertise – You’ll have to pay for the blue check if you want to run ads.
  • Microsoft Drops Twitter From Ads Platform – This comes as Twitter increased the cost to access their API data. They later backtracked for some public service organizations. Twitter being dropped from management platforms is clearly a negative signal for the network.

LinkedIn News Updates

  • LinkedIn up to 930 Million Members – These impressive numbers only continue to grow. Check out all the current stats on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn Adds Custom CTA Buttons to Premium Profiles – This isn’t live across all profiles yet, but LinkedIn is launching custom buttons for premium accounts. Look for this in your account to increase effectiveness.
  • LinkedIn Adds Verification Features – It isn’t clear what the benefit of this is. You can now verify your identity and even your place of work. This could reduce fraud on the platform if it becomes a requirement, but I doubt privacy advocates would go for it.

TikTok News Updates

  • May TikTok Free Small Business Workshops – To celebrate Small Business Month, TikTok is offering free workshops for small businesses. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the platform if you haven’t jumped in yet or want to take your success to the next level.
  • TikTok Invites Retailers to Shops Beta – TikTok invited users to join the Beta of shops. While this is still in Beta, it shows the direction that TikTok is taking. Look for more in-platform commerce opportunities.
  • Montana Bans TikTok – While there is no actual way to enforce or implement this, it is an interesting signal. There is LOTS of global news about TikTok bans, but nothing substantial yet.

Google News Updates

  • YouTube Adds Shorts Ads to Increase Exposure for the Format – As shorts grow on the platform, there are now more opportunities for brands to advertise in shorts. This could be a great way to leverage vertical video content and tap into an emerging format on YouTube.
  • Google Shares Results from Cookie-less Study – As cookies are on their way out, advertisers are looking for options. Google recently ran a study using interest-based audiences (already available on Google platforms) that showed positive results.

Digital Marketing News Updates

  • Study: Most Consumers Don’t use or Understand AI – Only 61% “somewhat understand” AI, and only 27% have used AI tools. It is important for marketers to not allow their enthusiasm for the technology to leap-frog ahead of the target audiences they want to reach.

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