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Patrick Carroll

Aug 08 2014

No matter your industry, you can’t ignore the most recent social media statistics. Instagram posts get 15x the engagement of Facebook and 40x the engagement of Twitter. Instagram users love to engage and unlike Facebook, engagement levels aren’t based on ad spending. Take advantage of one of the most popular social networks and learn exactly how your business can leverage Instagram as part of social media strategy.

We recently conducted our Instagram Marketing training course that shows why you and your business need to be on the social network. The in-depth program covers everything from the basics of using Instagram to the more advanced topics of how to build an engaging strategy. Now is the opportunity to discover why you should be using Instagram. In this training course you will learn:

Program Content

  • instagramInstagram stats that will blow your mind
  • How Instagram works and how its being used by people and business
  • Creating a strategic plan for Instagram
  • Optimizing your company’s Instagram profile
  • Connecting and sharing on Instagram
  • Building awareness and growing engagement
  • Harnessing Instagram photos for other social networks
  • Grow brand awareness with user-generated content
  • Tools to maximize Instagram efforts
  • Measuring Instagram success

What you get with the Instagram Marketing Training

  • 75 minutes of detailed training on Instagram marketing
  • Unlimited access to the presentation slides and video
  • Downloadable version of the slides to view and take notes
  • Quick start guide for Instagram for your brand
  • Exclusive tips and tricks to get results

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Stop wasting your time and money on strategies that aren’t working – discover exactly what you can do to start seeing results immediately.

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