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October 2022 Digital News Updates: IG Creator Portfolios, LinkedIn Focus Inbox, Meta Community Chat

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Krista Neher

Oct 07 2022

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Facebook News Updates

  • Meta has Community Chats – To allow conversation around groups. This could be a powerful way to deepen the connections in groups – if they don’t get too spammy 😉 
  • Meta AI Creates Videos From Text – These are HYSTERICAL and can be a fun way to create quick video content for your brand. 

Instagram News Updates

LinkedIn News Updates

  • LinkedIn Pages New Features – There are 3 new features for LinkedIn Pages. The first is that posts will now have templates – you can use a template to easily create a post. Second, Pages can “Pin Comments” to feature the most relevant or useful comments on a post. Finally, Pages can share their commitments for example career growth, work-life balance, or DEI. These updates are small but can make your Page even more effective. 
  • LinkedIn Will Capture Nearly 25% of B2B Ad Spend in 2 Years – This shows how vital LinkedIn is to a B2B advertising campaign. If you aren’t using it yet – jump in and learn as this platform only becomes more important.
  • LinkedIn Launches Focused Inbox – LinkedIn is looking to clean up their inboxes (FINALLY)!!!!! You can now find focused messages separate from all the spam. 
  • LinkedIn Shows Roles from Current Employers – You can now see the roles available at your current company to allow for internal growth. NOTE to employers: If you are posting roles on LinkedIn your employees will likely see them.
  • Showcase Products and Services on Your Company Page – This could also be great from an SEO perspective (on or off of LinkedIn) to highlight your specific products and services. It is probably worth the few hours it can take to set this up.

TikTok News Update

  • TikTok Increases Description Length – From 300 characters to 2200 characters. Use longer descriptions to optimize for searches and get more visibility. Studies show that young people use TikTok and Insta as search engines. Optimizing your descriptions for searchers will become more vital to earning views. 
  • TikTok Reports over 60% Increase in Fake Profiles – As the platform grows they are also dealing with increasing spam and fake accounts. 


  • YouTube is Monetizing Shorts with a 45% Revenue Share – This shows that YouTube wants to be a serious player in this format. If you create content on YouTube – definitely take the time to add your shorts. This could be a great opportunity to repurpose from Insta and TikTok.

Digital Marketing News Updates

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