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Online Marketing is Effective for 75% of Small & Medium Businesses

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Krista Neher

Jan 14 2015

New data from a BrightLocal study shows that over 75% of businesses say that online marketing is effective for their business. Are you part of the 75% getting results? If not, you may be missing out. When it comes to online marketing and social media, you can’t afford to fall behind – or your competition will get the edge.

Not only are most businesses getting results, but they are planning to increase their spending this year. Also surprising is that most of them handle internet marketing in-house. This is somewhat surprising since there are so many SEO, Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing companies out there. At the same time, many small businesses aren’t spending enough to justify hiring an agency or consultant, with most spending under $300/month.

What blows my mind is that most businesses are getting results from social media while spending under $300/month and doing it themselves.

Findings from 2015 internet marketing study from small and medium businesses

In order to really achieve results like this, businesses must:

  • Prioritize online marketing
  • Learn the essentials
  • Track success
  • Optimize and improve

A third of businesses spend most of their budget online.

This doesn’t surprise me because small businesses can easily get started online with small budgets. For many forms of traditional marketing like advertising you typically need bigger budgets to have an impact.



75% of businesses say internet marketing gets them customers

Most of the business surveyed get real results (attract customers) to their business.

2015 chart statistic how effective is internet marketing

So What Channels Work?

Strangely social media wasn’t included as an option (although arguably, social media would be included as a part of word of mouth)…. Apparently the survey was more focused on traditional online marketing channels vs social media. Interestingly, most online marketing out-preformed traditional marketing.

2015 chart statistic effective online marketing channels

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