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Quick and Easy Social Media & Entrepreneur Tips!

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Jamie Kinder

Aug 17 2015

 BCD 08182015We know that Social Media Marketers & Entrepreneurs are BUSY. So, we bring you quick and easy social media & entrepreneur tips to keep you motivated and up-to-date!

  • If you are deeply engaged in your business, social media should be easy. Enjoy your craft & it will lead to your success!
  • There is no magic to achieving social media excellence. To be successful, you need a plan, not magic.
  • When it comes to marketing channels, there’s a clear trend: Marketers focus first on results and performance-driven tools, and then focus on brand building tools.
  • There are 3 stages you should go through to get started in social media: Education, Building, and Maintaining.
  • Keep your skills sharp and up to date: Attend 1 conference a year, read 1 book a month, participate in 1 networking event a month, read 3 blogs per day!
  • Be realistic when developing your plan for digital marketing: how much time and effort is realistic for you?
  • Creating an amazing, customized proposal will keep the clients coming in! Do this by: making it a stand-alone document, spending time creating a good template, always be selling yourself!
  • When you want to be successful, you need to make a consistent effort. Effort here and there will never be as profitable as consistency.
  • Discipline and consistency are vital to success, staying focused is imperative.
  • The first step to building a strong personal brand is to start with where your brand is now! Do an online search of yourself!
  • 3 dimensions to consider to differentiate yourself from the rest: Your personality, Your Skills, Your in-person attributes.
  • The key to success is to not only find your passion but also show your passion.
  • Excellent entrepreneurs possess a desire to always be improving!
  • When you’re consistent, disciplined and dedicated, success will follow. There are no shortcuts to success!
  • The last 10% of anything you do matters the most. Are you pushing through until the end or quitting at the most important part?
  • Entrepreneurs should take time to appreciate how far you’ve come and celebrate your success!

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