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Role-Based Digital Marketing Training: Our KEY Differentiator

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Krista Neher

Mar 31 2017

Boot Camp Digital has been doing digital marketing training for over 10 years – and in that time we’ve evolved the way we think about it. Role-based digital marketing training isn’t a fad. It’s necessary.

In the early days the focus was on convincing people to even do it. Next came teaching practitioners. Now we have mass adoption of digital marketing in organizations and we need a more complex way to think about the skills and job outcomes required for success.

Most People Who Need to Know About Digital Marketing Don’t Actually Do it

The new reality is that most of the people we train in an organization will not be personally implementing digital marketing. They will be setting strategy, evaluating performance, managing the results, or overseeing the implementation.


role-based digital marketing training, role-based social media training, digital marketing training, social media training, corporate training

The key challenge is that many decision-makers and those guiding the process don’t know enough to really execute well.

Digital marketing execution is typically handled by a digital marketing team (or individual) or an agency or outside expert. These people need to get into the details and understand the implementation and execution choices that lead to success.

In a typical business, the brand manager works with an agency to deliver digital marketing. The agency is actually implementing – the brand manager is driving.

Above the brand manager is a director, maybe who is making decisions and needs to know the strategy. Again, this person won’t actually implement.

Then we have business leadership who sets direction for the organization. They need to understand how digital works to drive the organization forward and connect across departments in their organization.

How Role-Based Digital Marketing Training is the Solution

We’ve looked at TONS of digital marketing training programs, and most of them have the same problem – they assume that at some point in time you will be implementing. What we know is that most of the people we train won’t actually implement.

They need strategic understanding, best practices, and the ability to measure and manage their success.

Our training is built for 4 roles:
Business Essentials: For business professionals who want to understand digital marketing.

Digital Strategy: For those responsible for strategic decisions but not actually implementing.

Digital Management: For those creating and managing actual digital marketing accounts.

Mastery: For those wanting to take their results to the next level with more advanced strategies and practices.

Boot Camp Digital offers customized training for executives and in corporate settings to meet your specific training objectives. Let’s get started on a proposal TODAY!

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