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So You Have A Facebook Page – What Has It Done For You Lately?

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Nov 13 2012

Many businesses report that they aren’t really getting results from their pages.  Facebook recently said that only 17% of fans are actually seeing posts from the pages they follow (other studies have suggested that it is more like 7%), so even if they like you they probably aren’t paying attention to you

A recent study showed that Facebook is now used by over 96% of small businesses.  We also know that 88% of all businesses are now on social media.  Now that everyone is participating, how do you stand out?

This begs the question, are businesses actually getting results from Facebook?

Studies show that only 40% of businesses are getting positive ROI from Facebook. Are you one of them?  Or are you, like most businesses, posting regular content and wondering if it really works?

Do You Have a REAL PLAN?

One of the biggest problems that most businesses face is that they don’t really have a plan for their page.  Sure, they may vaguely know who they want to reach, but they fail to have a real plan to drive the results that they want.

Be sure that you have a clear plan for what you want to achieve, and that it makes sense for Facebook.

Do You Know What Your Fans Want? (What they really, really want?)

First, consider what your fans want.  There are a number of studies that show what fans want from Facebook.  What do your fans want from you?  While studies will give you some general ideas and direction, they won’t paint a clear picture of what your specific audience really wants from you.

Survey your audience or test and learn what kind of content your audience is most interested in.

Also consider Facebook best practices for the content that brands are more interested in, like images and videos.

It is all about engagement

When it comes down to it, success on Facebook is all about engagement.  What does this mean?  People throw the word engagement around, but it is ultimately about having people interact with you.

Creating content that drives people to interact with you is key to Facebook success.

Want More?

Hopefully this has driven you to think about your Facebook strategy and evaluate how you might be more effective.  If you’d like to learn more, join us for our on-demand Advanced Facebook Training program where we cover what to DO to drive results from your Facebook page.

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