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Social Media and PR: PubCon Styles

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Krista Neher

May 07 2013

I had the pleasure of moderating a session on Social Media and PR at #PubCon New Orleans today.  Here is a recap of the highlights from the different panelists:

Jay Berkowitz – CEO of the Ten Golden Rules

  • Media are people too – you can connect with them personally as well. Use social media to look for opportunities to connect. Find and connect with journalists across social networks like Facebook and Linkedin and find common interests to begin a relationship. Like their stuff, comment and retweet them. 
  • Facebook Journalists Group
  • WeFollow.com – where people have tagged themselves
  • Twellow for regional listings
  • HARO – Help A Reporter Out
  • Pitched a story on how to do Internet Marketing in a recession – this was then used to generate blog posts and additional content online
  • Find who journalists follow and try to get them to write about your stuff
  • Use sponsored stories and promoted posts to get infront of your audience
  • Optimize your press releases for PR
  • Create a new page of unique content every time you do a press release – post it on your site first
  • 3 E’s of social media – EDUCATE, ENTERTAIN, ENGAGE (infographic)
  • Cascade content to different social networks – each unique piece of content can be promoted 3 times with different headlines, or consider creating it into slideshare presentations or videos to get even more leverage

Sean Jackson – CFO of CopyBlogger

  • LinkedIn is the predominant tool used by Hournalists
  • Where do Journalists go for information? Other news sites.
  • They also use search engines (think SEO) (91% use search)
  • Be PART of existing stories
  • Story Ideas: Authority Gains Something from Us (eg, Apple Got a New Website from Us)
  • Story Ideas: We Gain Authority From (eg. Apple Selected us to do XYZ)
  • Story Idea: We Got Research (survey 1000 people and add some stats)
  • Story Idea: An Interesting Angle on a Current Story (Yahoo talking about how people can’t work from home, we are virtual)
  • Story Idea: We are Helping Others (People like stories about the nice things that you do)
  • Story Idea: Journalists Ride for Free (Car dealership invites journalists to drive a Maserati)
  • POWER TIP: Survey Monkey allows you to pay for responses to get quick research
  • 4 C’s – be CREATIVE on an angle that THEIR audience would find interesting, CONCISE with a 120 character headline ,CONCEPTUAL every story needs an image (even for radio), CONTENT
  • Getting journalists to write about you: Find them, Follow Them, Fan them (compliments go a long way), Feed Them (be a helpful source)
  • Comment on their posts – I am going to have everyone I know read this – it is amazing
  • Blog about your industry to build credibility

Greg Jarboe President of SEO-PR

Greg shared a case study – 3 releases were distributed via Business Wire

  • Release with video had 55% more views and 36% more clicks on the links
  • The video release generated almost 300 clicks and over 5,000 views
  • Saw an 85% increase in referral traffic that month – actually generated publicity
  • 407% increase in organic search traffic
  • The publicity and links generate traffic
  • Now the press releases show up as “news” at the top of search results
  • Reuters picked up the press release and ran it on their wire
  • Releases are showing up in SERPs
  • Video from the press release ranks #1
  • Same video ranks #2 because Business Wire uploaded the video on their site as well
  • Links don’t pass SEO Juice BUT generate benefits from the press

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