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Social Media Content Tip: Be Interestinger

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Krista Neher

Jun 10 2014

Social media marketing tip: Be interestingThe biggest problem with most social media content is that its just boring.

Social media marketers focus more on what time of day to post or whether the post should be a picture, a link or text and following a content calendar.

They forget to be interesting.

What makes interesting content?

I’m not an expert, but we all know it when we see it.

Interesting content is something you would forward, share or remark on.

Seth Godin talks about being remarkable.

Would anyone remark on your content?

Amp up your interestingness….

Stop worrying about the mechanics of your social media marketing, and start thinking about how to make your content interesting.

Any industry or company can be interesting. It just takes creative thinking.

We know interesting when we see it. When I look through stock photos, the ones that make me laugh out-loud, smile or react are probably interesting…. Interesting content elicits a reaction.

How can I be more interesting?

I’m not naturally a creative or interesting person, but there are some tricks to making your content more interesting.

If you are a member of our social media All Access Pass, I just recorded a video with my best tips on how to find more interesting content (and be more interesting)…. even if you aren’t creative. (It is about 8 minutes with screenshots, or you can read the keypoints on the post).

The key is to find inspiration — get inspired by others who are doing a great job and discovering the content that is highly shared.

Stop worrying about when you post and start thinking about what you post

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