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Jan 19 2012

The advent of social media has made the recruiter’s life much easier.  It has become an essential tool for finding the right talent for your company, training current employees, and growing your network online.  If done improperly, head hunting on social media sites can be a very long process, as there are millions of jobseekers hoping to make a great impression and land a job.  So, how can you use social media to attract more quality job seekers?

Here are some key ideas on how to use LinkedIn and Twitter to find your next perfect hire.

1. LinkedIn as an official “professional network” has become the most important recruiting tool for today’s job market.  LinkedIn allows you to not only search for the active job hunters, but also find and engage with passive candidates.

  • Use your status box to broadcast that you are hiring.  It will inform your entire network as well as other people who come across your account.
  • Optimize you company page on LinkedIn by posting job openings and listing current employees.  Nothing can make your company more attractive than real employees sharing positive reviews about working for your company.
  • Develop and expand your personal network.
  • Take advantage of LinkedIn Groups and LinnkedIn Answers where you can demonstrate your expertise and connect with potential candidates.  Your goal is not to spam there with constant job postings but to participate in conversation.
  • Upgrade your account to LinkedIn Recruiter.  This will give you access to the entire LinkedIn network and allow you to contact candidates directly.
  • Use the advanced people search function for targeting the right industry or location.

2.  Twitter is also a great tool for finding talent for your organization.  You will be surprised how many people make connections and find amazing job opportunities through Twitter.

  • Share links to your job openings.
  • Tweet interesting facts about your company to make it more appealing for job seekers.
  • Follow and engage with potential candidates and see what they tweet about.
  • Use keywords within the Twitter search field for finding the right candidates.
  • Include hashtags in your tweets to reach a bigger audience.  Here some hashtags to consider: #jobs, #hiring, #industrykeyword (#itjobs, #healthcare).
  • Tweet about the job fairs and events you are attending to possibly line up a meeting with active job seekers.
  • Follow and network with other recruiters.

How do you use Twitter and LinkedIn for recruiting?

Mariya Newman

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