Social Media is Going Visual – Are You Ready?

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Nov 09 2012

Let’s face it – social media, and the web overall, is becoming much more visual.  Images are extremely important as a part of your online marketing strategy and you can’t afford to ignore this trend any longer.

The idea that images are important isn’t just a strategy for sites like Instagram or Pinterest – all signs point towards the importance of images as a part of your social media content strategy.

Here is some of the evidence showing why images are so important:

  • Images get 50% more interactions on Facebook
  • Images are the most clicked on content on Twitter
  • Blogs with images are more read
  • Blogs with images get more reads when posted to Facebook
  • Flipboard, a visual news site was the #1 iPad application
  • Instagram, a photo-taking and sharing site has 40 million users and was recently acquired by Facebook for 1 billion dollars
  • Pinterest is a highly visual interest sharing site and has seen tremendous growth
  • Our brains process images much more quickly than text
  • Infographics have emerged as highly shared and consumed content online

All of these items point towards the growing importance of images in social media and your online web strategy.

How do you take advantage of the visual web?

The key to success is to have beautiful and highly relevant images to accompany all of your content on the web and on social networks.  Content with relevant images (not just loosely related stock photos) is more likely to be shared and consumed online.

  • Create an image strategy
  • Consider using instagram
  • Consider infographics
  • Accompany all posts on your website with relevant images
  • Edit images to make them relevant
  • Tell your story visually
  • Post content on other social networks with images

These are just a few tips to get you started.  To learn about how to really take advantage of these sites and have Krista show you exactly how to use them, check out our training program on Images, Instagram and Infographics.

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