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Social Media Jobs: Stats and Figures

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Krista Neher

Jan 31 2011

It may surprise you to know that most of the top in demand jobs for 2011 didn’t even exist in 2004.  In an economy where jobs are scarce, it can at least be said that social media is aiding the job industry. In addition to the jobs social media is providing it also allows for growth in jobs that are already established.  In many ways social media has positively influenced the job market.

Through LinkedIn I get requests every week about social media jobs.  Many businesses are having a hard time finding qualified talent since social media is still relatively new.  Here are some of the stats for social media job growth:

1. For 2011 social media job outlooks are faster growing than average but with competition at entry level careers. Public Relations Specialists

2. The number of social media jobs has gone up by 600% in the last five years.  Social Media Influence

3. In 2011 the number of social media jobs is expected to rise 12.9% compared to 2010. CMO Survey

4. In the next six months hires should increase 8.2%. Econsultancy

5. By 2012 the percentage of social media jobs compared to 2010 is expected to rise to 24.1%.  Social Media Intellegence

6. Employers expect that 46% of their new social media hires will be from an open market. The CMO Survey

7. 24% of new social media hires in 2011 are intended to be employees lured from business competitors.  CMO Survey

8. Only 27% of employers looking for new social media jobs plan on hiring straight from universities. CMO Survey

9.  Internet skills are now the most sought after skill in social media and marketing hires. CMO Survey

10. Using FacebookPlatform, 2.5 million developers and partners from 70 countries communicate and  build. Facebook

11. 70% of bloggers use this social media to organically mention their product or brand. Econsultancy

With all of the social media job growth and the lack of qualified talent, it is important to get social media training and keep your skills up to date.  If you are a marketing or PR professional you can’t afford to ignore social media.  We’ve seen a lot of interest in the Social Media Marketing Certification Program at Cincinnati State as professionals upgrade their skills to meet the needs of the new market place.

What do you think?  Have you seen more social media jobs?  Are you hiring for social media?

3 Replies to “Social Media Jobs: Stats and Figures”

  1. I just started a great new job in corporate healthcare communications. My experience with social media played a key role in my getting the position in a highly competitive marketplace. Just wanted to back up with your stats with an example. Keep up the great work,Krista. I’m using your book and the stuff you shared in the bootcamp in my new job!

  2. These statistics make me feel really good about my place in the social media world, as I just became the social media manager for a large media company. Makes me feel very secure in my position! I hope the industry keeps growing for a long time to come!

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