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Social Media Marketing: Keeping Your Audience Informed

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Mar 21 2011

One of the great things about social media is its real time interaction with its audience.  Because of this, your fans, followers and viewers can stay up to date on what you and your company are doing.  Using social media in your marketing plan will help you build your personal relationships with your audience and keeping your audience informed is just the way to help these relationships grow.  Here are a few tips on how to keep your audience informed:

    1. Update Regularly

You always want to provide your audience with current information.  There is a site that I visit once a week because I know that’s when they will add new content to their page.  If I were to visit that site on Sunday and find it to be the same content from last week, I would be a bit disappointed.  Keep a schedule so you know when you want to update and how often.  If there’s a lot going on with your business that week, share it!  Your audience likes to see what’s going on and lots of updates means there’s probably a lot going on with your company!

    2. Share your travels

Just this past week, Krista attended the SXSW conference and wrote a number of blogs about her experiences and things she learned while at the conference.  This is a great way to let your audience know what you’re up to and where you are in the world!  Traveling always produces a “wow” response and will build up your credibility because it shows that you’re out in the world staying up to date and keeping sharp!

    3. What’s in the future?

What do you want people to look forward to with your company?  What new announcements or additions to your company do you want your audience to know about?  Give your audience something to look forward to!  Just like Apple announcing upcoming new products like the iPad 2, give your audience a reason to come back to your site and check in on what’s going on!

    4. Encourage feedback

Feedback is the primary and best way for your business to improve its social media plan.  Listening is key.  What are people talking about?  What posts are getting the most comments or likes?  Ask questions in your posts to get your audience to respond and so you know what your audience is interested in.  Great constructive feedback can come from these posts as well as reassuring feedback!  Getting your audience talking and participating should be one of your objectives in your social media-marketing plan and it’s your job to help instigate conversation.

People like to know what’s going on and social media networks make it easy to stay informed.  It’s your job to make it happen – let everyone know what’s new and upcoming with your company and give them something to be excited about!

How else are you keeping your fans informed?

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  1. Since entering health care PR/marketing ealier this year, I’ve been doing lots of best practice research to see what draws the most attention on hospital social media sites. It seems really helpful to have a regular feature, such as “job opening of the week” or “Facebook friend of the week” — something consistent that your community finds valuable.

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