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Social Media Networks: Best Practices for (Almost) Every Industry

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Krista Neher

Sep 06 2022

Social Network Best Practices!

Social media best practices are different for each network. Below, you’ll find a summary image that shows the best practices for each social network from an implementation standpoint.

A few best practices to keep in mind that apply to all social networks.

  • Look, learn, and listen first – When getting started, most businesses start by posting right away. Start by listening and looking. See what content performs well. Listen to how others are interacting. Build on the successful strategies that you can observe before creating your content.
  • Content over calendars – Focus on posting when you have good, relevant content for your target audience. This is more important than a schedule.
  • Content matters most – If you don’t have great content, it doesn’t matter what time of day you post. Focus on creating content that drives impact. Most social networks give you access to analytics, so you can see what is performing.
  • Don’t be spammy – Many social networks allow you to connect with other people and send them individual messages or tag them. Don’t send private mass messages to people – they find it annoying, and you can get blocked from some networks for doing this.
  • Consistent posting – Don’t expect results overnight, and make sure that you are consistent in your execution. It sometimes takes time to build an audience and get results.
  • Reply, engage, and connect – Each network is different in terms of how businesses can interact with people, but social media should be social. Engage and interact with the people you want to reach to get noticed and build your following.
  • Analytics is your best friend – Take time to review your analytics regularly, so you know what is and isn’t working. Many businesses don’t get results because they continue to deploy a strategy that isn’t generating results. Pay attention and make changes as needed.
  • Consistent presence – Make sure that you set up a consistent presence on all social networks so that you are building a strong branded presence for your business.

Power Tip:

Reserve your username on EVERY social network (including those you don’t plan on using immediately) so that you can build a consistent presence if you choose to add the network later.

Tool: NameVine

Go to namevine.com to see if your desired username is available. It will check the major platforms all in one search and easily allow you to consider alternatives if it is not.

Best practices in terms of content, types of posts, and frequency are usually different for each social network. The chart below shows best practices at a glance for the most popular platforms.

Following these should be your starting point, but you may find that different things work better for your specific audience.

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*updated 6/7/2023

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