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Social Media Tip: Brevity Wins

Brevity Wins social media tipWhen you are communicating keep it short.

People are overwhelmed.

They have too much information coming at them.

They don’t have time for you.

We learned this through social media, but it applies to everything. Whether it is email, direct mail, a letter… assume that people have limited time to listen to you.

Get them to take away 1 thing (that is all they can remember anyways) vs. cramming everything you want to say into an email.

Ask them to do 1 thing (which they might do) vs. 5 things.

Save the in-depth info for people who really want to learn more.

I thought of this when I was on LinkedIn a few weeks ago and saw the 2 messages below. Which one do you think I actually read and responded to?

linkedin message short

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 5.10.04 PM

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