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Social Media Training Diet [Infographic]

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Patrick Carroll

Jan 27 2014

Social Media Training Diet


For those who missed our most recent slideshare presentation we’ve created an infographic to illustrate the proper social media training diet for those who want to keep their expertise up-to-date!

15 Minutes of News each morning is a great way to stay on the ball, knowing about new trends before they even happen.

1 Book a Month will give you a deeper more thorough insight into your chosen social media niche.

1 Inspiration Meeting each month will motivate you, keep you sharp, and expand your network. Sharing stories and successes with other professionals is equally as important as social media training. 

2 Webinars,Trainings, or Lunch and Learns each month are great ways to learn directly from experts who have researched and tested what they’re teaching. 

2 Conferences a Year will immerse you in a community of experts, helping you sharpen your skills and broaden your networks. 

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