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10 Tips for Targeting the C-Suite on Social Media

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targeting the c-suite on social media

Melissa Byers

Dec 05 2017

The C-Suite’s use of social media is on the rise. Honestly, whose isn’t? It’s information on how unique audience groups use it, however, that sharpens our ability to target them. The C-Suite is no different.

  • 66% of C-Suite use social media professionally
  • 70% of those regularly create and share original content
  • Active users claim social media is their main source of news, communication and engagement with employees, colleagues, customers, influencers, and opinion leaders
  • 40% plan to use it even more in the future

Here are 10 tips for targeting the C-Suite on Social Media based on the interpretation of those statistics:

  1. They’re not as elusive as they had once been. Don’t misunderstand that to mean they’re willing to connect with anyone and everyone – quite the contrary. Rather, they’re on the radar now more than ever, possibly to build their brand or look for opportunities to benefit from others doing the same.
  2. Looked to LinkedIn as a good source of listening to and learning from the C-Suite on social media. LinkedIn is the largest professional social media network and a place where folks are looking to establish themselves as experts.
  3. The C-Suite is often directly involved in the social strategy of their companies, looking for trends and innovation. Be that trendsetter or innovator! Just be sure to offer a clear value proposition. What’s in it for them?
  4. If you’re looking for insight from these thought-leaders, specifically search for what they personally develop. That can include blog posts, articles, visual assets, or simple posts.
  5. How they interact with a social media platform can be as important as what they post. Pay close attention to their likes, shares, comments, and network. This doesn’t mean you should stalk them by hunting down pictures of their family and commenting on what to name the family dog. Instead, use these pieces of data to help you broaden your awareness of industry resources by discovering new pages, publications, or influencers.
  6. When targeting the C-Suite, be concise in what you post. Their time is limited and valuable. Use it wisely.
  7.  Look for them on various platforms. What they share on each is likely to have a different spin.
  8. Meet them where they are, when they’re there. This isn’t typically a crowd that will respond to a nurture campaign. Pay close attention to your analytics and develop a strategy that statistically speaks to them.
  9. Have a direct call to action and deliver on what you promise. One disappointing experience may be your last.
  10. Enjoy the ride. It’s not always about hardcore business for these folks! Boot Camp Digital’s CEO recently wrote a post about what she learned about sleep from her toddler. You never know what you’ll learn about a thought-leader.

Connecting with the decision-makers can provide great potential and opportunity. If they’re part of your plan, be strategic, be great, and be ready for the engagement. Anything less won’t stop their scroll.

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2 Replies to “10 Tips for Targeting the C-Suite on Social Media”

  1. Very good point about connecting with and studying the social media habits of those who are successful in the business world. It has been my experience that these C level professionals value real input and attention to their creations.

  2. Very insightful article. We as a Mamsys, are planning to target C-level executives for our company’s brand awareness campaign. This article provides us great value. Thanks for posting!

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