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The #1 Thing Holding Back Your Digital Transformation: Skills and Training

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Krista Neher

Feb 15 2019

Digital Transformation is picking up steam with organizations of all sizes. The idea behind digital transformation is to not just adopt digital technology, but to change the operations of a business to harness technology to better meet consumer or customer needs.

Spending on digital transformations is expected to grow dramatically: IDC estimates that the amount being spent on them will grow to almost US$2 trillion by 2022, a CAGR of almost 17% from 2018.

What Is the Biggest Barrier to Transformation?

Not the technology. Not the investment. Not the metrics.

The skills and training of people.

A study from BDO showed that the skills and training of people are the biggest challenge for businesses when executing a digital transformation.

Challenges to implementing digital transformation 2019

How Can You Close the Digital Transformation Skills and Training Gap?

If you are serious about digital transformation, closing the digital transformation skill gap is essential, which may be a combination of digital transformation training and refreshing the talent in your organization.

  • Start with an Assessment – Determine the capabilities that you have and the capabilities you need to succeed in your digital transformation.
  • Determine the Gap – Determine the gap between what you have and what you need. This will provide insights as to the tools needed to close the skills gap that you have, and how to balance training and talent management.
  • Create a Digital Transformation Training Program – An ideal digital transformation training program includes a combination of required and optional training programs as well as communication touch-points to create a learning culture. Digital transformation training programs can be 1 year comprehensive programs or last up to 3 years to develop the skills needed by an organization.
  • Embed Digital in the Organization – Training is really only one step of skill development. Digital must be embedded into the organization in order to gain the full benefit of digital transformation. This can be done through formal and informal knowledge sharing groups, corporate events, online events or leadership initiatives.

Need help with a training program for your organization to support your digital transformation? Contact us to see how we can help digitally transform your organization.

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