The 3 Reasons You Need Social and Google Ads

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Patrick Carroll

Oct 21 2013

Google Ads TrainingThe most effective advertising available today is online. Google and social ads have become a staple in advertising for big brands and small businesses alike. If they’re not part of your marketing strategy yet, keep reading.

1. Precise: Target Potential Customers

Targeting potential customers is easier now than it has ever been. Using Google Ads you’re able to directly target individuals searching for your business, allowing you to save advertising dollars for your highest potential customers.

Social ads are rolling out even more specific targeting tools for your business. Facebook’s robust tools allow businesses to target customers with specific interests, locations, marital statuses, and more. For example, your next Ad could be shown specifically to 25 year old single females who live in Texas and like to bake. Using these tools can be extremely effective when used correctly, allowing businesses to see returns from their advertising that they have not experienced in the past.

2. Customizable: Pay for Clicks, Impressions, Conversions

Online advertising follows a basic model that allows all size businesses to pay as little or as much as they want.  Depending on your advertising goals you’re able to pay each time your ad gets a click, view, or your webpage gets a conversion.  Whether your goal is brand awareness or converting sales, this model allows you to customize your ad campaigns and best utilize your advertising dollars.

3. Visual: Imagery is Effective Advertising

The brain processes images 60,000x faster than text.  The fastest growing social networks are focused around images and the rest of technology is following suit. Social sites will not only allow you to create great visual ads– they’ll integrate them directly into the news feeds of potential customers.

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