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The Best Stock Music Sites

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Allison Chaney

Jan 28 2020

You’ve probably heard of stock photography, but did you know that you can also add stock music to your videos? Sometimes a video needs a little something extra to make it sound professional, and adding music and sound effects can be the key to success. But it’s also important to use properly licenced audio. 

Thanks to a recent Boot Camp attendee, Upstream360, we are sharing their top picks for best stock music sites.

Premiumbeat.com – you can purchase a song and use it for any application. PremiumBeat is a Shutterstock brand, so if you’re familiar with Shutterstock, this is pretty much the same, except you search and purchase music vs. images. This is great if you only need one or a few clips.

Soundstripe.com – subscription based, so you pay a monthly fee for access to the library of licensed music. This is great if you need music on a consistent basis.

Musicbed.com – either purchase per use or by subscription, and they even help you find the right song for your project. 

Artlist.io – subscription based. Another great option if you frequently need music for your projects. 

We always talk about how visual impact is so important, but audio is also a great way to add interest to your videos.

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