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Jul 20 2013

The amount of content on the web can be overwhelming, and sometimes it can be hard to organize all of the data you want in one place. Nick Kellet and Shyam Subramanyan noticed this problem and decided to do something about it, which is how List.ly came about.

Kellet says that a big source of friction online is that “so little of the data is actually structured and intelligently tagged.” The Listly founders discovered that out of all the disorganized content, “Numbered List Posts” have become hugely popular – apparently 30% of the content on the web today are numbered lists.

Listly aims to make it fun and easy for people to skim and share numbered list posts with their friends in a more organized way. According to the site:

Listly helps curate lists of things people care about inside your blog posts. Sharing is shifting to live embeddable content, so you can share content, community and engagement across multiple blogs.

It’s also great for online communities in the sense that “lists add structure to life and your content. Lists organize friends, research and dreams.” Listly socializes users’ lists so that they become sharable and usable by more than one person.


Why Should Brands Get Active on Curation Sites?

According to Kellet, “brands need to be bold enough to step aside and pass over the reins. Fans are [sharing content] without permission anyway – it’s far smarter to make it easier for fans to participate directly with the brand.” Fans can use Listly in so many ways, including:

  • A bookmarking/organizing/collecting tool
  • A curation tool
  • A publishing platform
  • A crowdsourcing platform
  • A contest platform

As Kellet explained, “People invest emotionally in your content and your ideas when they contribute, and that’s a big difference. Fans share with much more passion when they are part of the story.” It’s no longer about getting fans to comment on your blog or “like” your Facebook status. It’s about getting them excited about your product or service, and getting them to share it with their friends online. The best part about it is that it’s free to sign up and all the content is free, so fans can embed everything on their blogs

What Makes Listly Stand Out, and Why Should Bloggers Use It?

There are 3 ways that lists on Listly stand out. This site is:
  1. Collaborative: Many people can participate, so lists are communities in the making.
  2. Interactive: People want to interact and filter and sort as they consume. Reading is not passive any longer.
  3. Embeddable: Listly is to lists what Slideshare is to Slides
When it comes down to it, Listly is simple, useful, and effective. People love lists, and people are the ones you want to be appealing to – they’re the ones who are going to market your brand for you. So get active on Listly and other content-curation sites if you want fans to help you grow your brand or business! If you want help on personal branding, check out Launch Yourself – our new personal branding training program!

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