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The Digital Marketing Landscape and Ecosystem

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The digital marketing landscape and ecosystem

Krista Neher

Jan 19 2021

Digital Marketing continues to grow and evolve, but despite the constant “shiny new thing” and “top trends for 20XX” the reality is that the staples of digital marketing, the tried and true ways to grow your business and get results, haven’t changed much at all.

In my latest book, Digital Marketing that Actually Works, I created a digital marketing landscape model graphic to help organize the digital marketing tools most likely to grow results. Get a few of our best resources from the book here for free!

The Digital Marketing Landscape Ecosystem is a valuable tool to help you consider the entire realm of digital marketing and prioritize where to spend your resources.

Digital strategy ecosystem


There are 8 sections in the Digital Marketing Landscape to consider as a part of your strategy. While you’ll notice tools like AR/VR and AI aren’t listed separately, they are typically incorporated into other tools.

Even now, with the buzz around innovative new technologies, executing the tried and true marketing tools with excellence is the foundation of your success.

Start with Strategy

At the core is your Digital Strategy – what exactly are you trying to achieve? Determine this FIRST. Be sure to clearly link your goal, strategy, objective and tactic.

Remember: Content, Data & Analytics

The key to a successful integration is incorporating content, data, and analytics into every aspect of your execution and strategy. Be sure that you are incorporating GREAT content that stands out. Make sure that you take the time to use data and analyze it to improve your marketing over time.

How Does Each Channel Fit in 2021?

Social Media Marketing

Social media isn’t going anywhere. Facebook is HUGE, Instagram is growing bigger, and LinkedIn is a powerhouse. Sites like Pinterest and Twitter can also drive ROI. Social Media is definitely a paid media channel, but engaging with organic conversations, customer service, research, and activating fans are all still relevant business objectives for social channels.

Digital Ads

More money is now going towards digital advertising vs. traditional, and you can easily use digital ads for any ad objective. There are now a few platforms that have mass reach: Search ads, Display Ads, Social Ads, and Video Ads. Consider how each of these may fit into your strategy and master one first before trying to do more. AI is making digital ads even smarter, so be sure to use automation and pixels to get results.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO continues to be a powerful source of hot leads and ready-to-buy customers. As voice search and mobile take more share, earning a top 3 position will be even more important.


Every business has a website, but the name of the game for sites that work now are mobile and F-A-S-T. Think about clear, clean, and simple designs that load quickly.

Conversation Marketing

While word-of-mouth is a top way that businesses grow, it is usually ignored in marketing. Consider how to drive social media WOM. Also, look at the rise of Influencer marketing as a way to break through the noise.

Email Marketing

Email is still a powerful tool that converts. While social media and messaging are growing, email isn’t going anywhere. Continue using email marketing software and incorporate it into your funnel and marketing strategy.


Data is the name of the game, and a CRM helps you learn more about your customers. While some privacy laws are making CRM usage more challenging (and using CRM data elsewhere), it is important to continue to learn about your customers and capture information.


Mobile is becoming about messenger and chatbots. Obviously all of your marketing (email, website, social, ads) must be optimized to work for mobile.

What Should You Do?

Consider how each channel can help you achieve your goals and objectives but keep in mind – it is better to do one thing well vs. many things poorly. We also cover this in our Digital Marketing Strategy Training Course.

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