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The Power of Chat: Chatbots

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The power of chat Chatbots

Krista Neher

May 30 2023

The Power of Chat: Chatbots

Chatbots are emerging as a key way for businesses to use the power of chat to automate business processes or services. Chatbots simulate a human conversation and the relationship-building functionality consumers seek with back-and-forth messages, but they also offer advanced capabilities like artificial intelligence or connecting to other platforms.

Businesses use chatbots to provide a variety of services for customers person.

  • Product recommendation bots – Recommend a product based on your needs or an assessment.
  • Appointment bots – Book an appointment for you.
  • Service bots – Provide a service to the customer. This could be anything from helping to find an outfit to finding the best restaurant nearby.
  • Connected bots – Bots can connect to other systems to give updates instead of having someone log in. For example, airlines have bots to send flight info and updates, or loyalty programs can give you your balance or award you points.

These are only some of the things that chatbots can do. It can be easy or difficult to create a chatbot, depending on the functionality you want. Furthermore, when we think about cost, chatbot software solutions that are free or under $100/month that allows you to create basic chatbots from a template. These are easy to execute, but usually somewhat limited in functionality. MobileMonkey, Chatfuel, and ManyChat are market leaders in this space.

A custom chatbot that connects with internal systems or is specific to your business can also be created, but it requires more time and investment. These can cost anywhere from $20k – $250K depending on the functionality.

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Big Idea:

If you are thinking about using chatbots, be sure that you have a strong consumer value proposition first. Start with the customer, not the technology. Be sure you are solving a problem, offering a solution, or providing a service to your customers.

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