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Krista Neher

Feb 18 2011

We all know that social media has become a big component in business to customer marketing, as well as business to business.  But just how much cash are companies willing to drop to utilize this new form of marketing?

1. In 2010 companies worldwide are expected to have spent upwards of 3.3 billion dollars on social media advertising. Pamorama

2. This is up 31% from the spending on worldwide social media advertising in 2009. Pamorama

3. Of the 3.3 billion dollars spent on social media marketing worldwide in 2010, 39% goes to Facebook alone.  Pamorama

4. In 2011 the worldwide social media spending budget is predicted to rise to 4.26 billion dollars. Which is almost another 30% raise from 2010. Pamorama

social network ad spending

5. The budget for the United States social media ads should raise 20%.  Internet Retailer

6. In the U.S. an even larger percent of all social media spending, 50%, goes directly to Facebook. Internet Retailer

7. In 2010 the world wide spending on Twitter was a little less than 50 million and for 2011 dramatic increases can be expected.  Pamorama

8. In 2010 digital marketing spending increased 17% and marketers shifted away from television and print ads. Internet Retailer

9. In 2010, 66% of businesses increased their social media advertising budget, even though their overall advertising budget did not increase. Social Media Today

10. Most marketers anticipate that social media marketing will be at least 12.2% of their marketing budgets in 2011. CMO Survey

11. Last year small business owners on average spent over 2 grand in search engine advertisements. Social Media Today

12.  59% of businesses say they plan on spending more on search engine marketing in the coming years. Social Media Today

13.  However 20% of companies are worried they cannot see a return on investment for social media advertising. CMO Survey

14.  In 2011, social media and digital marketing is expected to grow 10%. CMO Survey

15.  Within the next five years that number will grow to 18%.  CMO Survey

16.  In 2010, the biggest increase in social media spending was for advertising focused on B2C, business to customer advertising,  at 4% increase in less than a year. CMO Survey

17.  By the end of 2011, it is expected that the area of social media marketing with the greatest increase will be B2B, business to business, at 4.5% increase.  CMO Survey

18.  28%  of marketers plan to switch their budgets using less print advertising and more digital in 2011. Internet Retailer

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