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Things You Can and Can’t do when You’re Logged on as a Facebook Fanpage

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Krista Neher

Feb 22 2011

Facebook recently added new features to its fanpages that allows administrators to use their fanpages as their profile.  This is really helpful to businesses and allows for more exposure of their brand.  For example, once the administator is logged on as their fanpage, they can leave comments on the walls of other fanpages.  Once again, Facebook has proved it can change the way the business world communicates and functions.

Switching Accounts

When you first log onto Facebook log in as yourself.  Then go to the top righthand side of the screen and click account.  Under account you should see the option to switch to a fanpage and if  you click that option a box should appear with all the fanpages that list you as an administrator.  Select the fanpage you would like to operate from and you’re good to go!

Other Fanpages

The main function of the new features on fanpages is the ability to communicate wth the fanpages of other businesses.  This is a simple way to network and stay connected with business contacts.  If you want to write on the wall of any fanpage you must first ‘like’ it.  After you have liked the page you can write on the wall as you would on your normal proflile page.


Even after another Facebook user has fanned your page, you cannot connect directly with their wall via your fanpage.   You can view their profile, if their privacy settings allow, but that is essentially all.


The new fanpages on Facebook are not able to ‘recruit’ people to follow them in any sense. You cannot connect with Facebook users and entice them to follow your page.  Their walls are unusable to fanpages.

Facebook Q&A

Fanpages seem unable to access Facebook Q&A.


When logged on as a Facebook fanpage, it is impossible to access groups.


As administrator of your fanpage, after you’ve logged on as your fanpage you can see the page’s very own newsfeed.  The information will come from pages you have ‘liked’ and commented on in the past.

Your Fanpage Wall

You have your own wall under your fanpage profile.  Fans and other fanpages can both comment on the wall.


You can view your notifications on the left hand side of your screen on your Facebook fanpage profile.

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2 Replies to “Things You Can and Can’t do when You’re Logged on as a Facebook Fanpage”

  1. For some reason I can’t access my fan page which I set up for my blog. I’m the admin and until recently I was able to simply switch back and forth from my main page to my blog page. There are no such options anymore and I have no way to access my own page as the admin. Any suggestions would be helpful as I cannot find any useful info on the FB FAQs. Thanks

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