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Krista Neher

Feb 25 2011

Everyone knows that LinkedIn can help further your career, but it is not the only social media site with that ability.  Facebook has many feature that can be an asset to the growth of your business and career.  Easy to use and highly effective, some predict that business on Facebook will one day overtake LinkedIn.

1. Create a Business Profile on Facebook and fill it out completely to show your reliability. (make sure to read the Facebook rules dealing with businesses).

2. To highlight your new business profile, obtain a vanity URL from facebook, so you are easy for contacts to search for and find.

3. Selecting and posting photos of you that inforce your brand will increase its exposure.

4. Facebook supplies applications that integrate blog feeds and other social media accounts you may have with your Facebook profile.  For example if a customer asks you a question on Twitter, you can respond in much more detail through a blog on Facebook.

5. Use Facebook Connect to add social networking features to your Facebook page.

6. On Facebook you can create links that direct web traffic to your newsletter or archives.

7. Using your wall to provide business updates will keep your contacts informed of your activities.

8. Another way to provide credibility is by supplying links to presentations and other materials that current and prospective customers will find interesting.

9. You can share positive market research and data where your contacts can easily see it.

10.  If you are traveling, it very easy through Facebook to check if any customers live in that location and to make an appointment to meet with them.

11. Facebook allows you to view potential clients’ profiles before you begin doing business with them.  This can protect your company from making a bad investment.

12. Create a group or Fan page for your business so that contacts and associates can promote your work.

13. When looking to reach more contacts Facebook allows you to search for them through email lists you’ve already compiled, the Find Friends application, and looking through your current contacts Mutual Friends lists.

14. Suggesting friends for colleages is a good way to build trust and by helping them you may recieve help in return.

15. Join network, industry, and alumni groups that relate to your field.

16.  Inviting an expert in your field to be a guest blogger on your Facebook is an easy way to increase traffic and add hype to your business profile.

17.  Your Facebook wall is a convient place to endorse products and place coupons for customers to find.

18.   Buy Facebook adds that will reach your target market.

19. Be sure to keep your business profile current. Update your Facebook as often as you can.

Tips For Controling Privacy:

  • Keep all personal parts of your profile set to private.
  • Create groups like “Family”, “Friends”, and “Business” to control who has access to your full account.
  • Pay close attention to the photos that you post or that are posted of you. Limit the number of people that can see your photos.

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