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Twitter’s New “Vine” App – Reviewed by Top Social Media Experts!

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Feb 28 2013

There’s no question that if you want to get attention online today, you have to share really awesome content in the form of pictures, infographics, videos, and more. That’s why Twitter’s Vine app was just released to such hype. If you want to learn how Vine works, check out our recent blog post on how to set up Vine.

We’ve gathered information and opinions of a few social media experts to hear their feedback on Vine and the opportunities that could be there for businesses.

“It Brings Video Capabilities to Twitter.”

kdugan Kevin Dugan, the Editor-in-Chief at Media Is Power, says to ask “are my customers using it?” and if they are, you should ask “can I connect with them here in a way that improves our relationship, or is it just another platform they’re on?” It’s about spending your time wisely and figuring out if there’s an audience opportunity. From there, “businesses [can] acknowledge their fan base, do product demos and give behind-the-scenes access to viewers.”

Kevin wrote a blog post about it, which you can check out here.

Bottom line: Vine isn’t the next big thing in social media, but it will be simliar to the situation where Google bought YouTube – it’s the next big thing for Twitter and brings video capabilities to the platform.

“It Could Grow Cumbersome Over Time.”

scoltSaul Colt, a marketing expert and professional speaker, doesn’t see Vine exploding but it could have a following. Businesses can try it out, but “6 seconds is a difficult window to tell a full story or communicate a message.” Usually videos involve answering questions or demonstrating a new product.

“The potential for memes and fun are big” but “the short nature of the communication will grow cumbersome to people over time.” Companies don’t need to change their strategies completely for Vine – most are still figuring out how to do regular video well.

Bottom Line: Vine will have a life, and may be more than a brief trend, but eventually people will want more time and Vine won’t hit a critical mass of people.

“The Key Is Getting Your Video Seen By Prospects.”

gjarboeGreg Jarboe, the president of SEO-PR, says that Vine is already “the next big thing” in social media. It’s now one of the 100 most popular free apps for the iPhone because “it makes sharing a video almost as simple as tweeting.” Today, there are 1 billion tweets every 2.5 days, “so that should give Vine a phenomenal launching pad.”

You can check out some examples of what Vine can do for businesses at https://vine.co/blog/five-days-in.


Bottom line: At some point, the 6 second limit may be constraining, so try sites like Tout and Viddy that let you up the time limit. The key is to get your social video seen by your consumers and your B2B prospects. And it’s easy to do that on Twitter.


“A Ton of Potential for Brands.”

blecountBrian LeCount, the Director of Insights & Planning at POSSIBLE, thinks the 6 second format gives people the opportunity to become better story tellers. Brian says “in some says, I think that brevity can allow the true beauty of a moment to come forth.”

POSSIBLE has been experimenting with some of their brands, and you can see an example here. It will be most interesting to see how brands use Vine for showing products in action, humanizing brands, showing a sense of humor, and getting fans to help you tell your story.

Bottom Line:  The forced simplicity of Vine is a great way to get to the true essence of a message. 


“Perfect for showing You Brand in a Quick, Fun, Way.”
debbaDebba Haupert, the founder of Girlfriendology.com, says that “as a busy marketer, I love the spontaneity and creative options it provides.” Debba suggests taking a bunch of photos of your team, or your product from beginning to end, to show how much your company has grown.You can make signs to tell the story too since there isn’t time to say much. Check out this Vine video that tells more about Girlfriendology.

Bottom Line: Post this on all of your social media platforms, and your blog or website. It’s a great way to build your brand and connect with fans in a fun and efficient way.

Whether or not you’re going to use Vine, marketing on Twitter is still extremely important! Especially with it’s 500+ million members. If you want Twitter training for business, check out our live and online training class!

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