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What are the pros and cons of unlisted LinkedIn groups?

Pros and cons of LinkedIn Unlisted Groups

Groups on any social platform can be an incredible tool, but only if you’re using them strategically. We recently had a question asking the pros and cons of an unlisted LinkedIn group and how to grow them.

Boot Camp Digital’s Lead Trainer, Allison Chaney has an answer – and a recommendation.

With a unlisted LinkedIn group you can:

  • screen those permitted to join the group
  • protect the identify of the membership
  • protect the identity of the administrators
  • protect the content

Ways you can’t grow a unlisted LinkedIn group by

  • finding it in search
  • asking members to invite others unless the members are owners, managers, or moderators of the group

Ways to grow a standard LinkedIn group by:

  • asking any member of the group to invite others to join
  • optimizing the description of the group using keywords
  • partnering with relevant people to promote your group to their followers
  • including a link to the group to your own contacts via social media, content marketing, or email marketing
  • promoting the group via sponsored ads

If an elite membership that exists due to unique, individual invites only, or closely guarded group content is important, then a unlisted group will work well. If not, you’ll have far more options to grow a standard group.

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