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Must-Have Tool to Make your Virtual Training Interactive and Engaging

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Allison Chaney

Jul 30 2020

Boot Camp Digital training programs are known for being highly engaging and interactive, which is no easy task. So when we shifted our 4-Day Digital Marketing Workshop to a virtual format, it was even more important to keep our course engaging.

The use of whiteboards in our in-person training is one of the best ways to keep the audience engaged, and I was excited to find a tool that creates the same experience in a virtual environment.

The Wacom Intuos pen tablet (affiliate linkY is my new favorite tool for virtual training courses!

The setup was relatively easy – even on my new Mac that only has USB-C ports. At first, I wasn’t sure if it would work but Wacom’s tech support was quick with the response and a recommended USB to USB-C converter that worked perfectly.

The pen tablet comes with smart city software, which works well for different purposes, but the one we really love is Sketchbook. It was easy to learn and within minutes I was up and running and ready to use my new tool throughout a full 4 day boot camp.

A few power tips for creating an interactive and engaging experience with a whiteboard:

  • write key learning points down to highlight the main takeaways the audience should focus on
  • collaborate with the audience and get them involved by asking questions and writing their answers on the whiteboard
  • instead of typing in the chat window of your video conferencing platform, use the whiteboard to write out important links or references

To see the virtual whiteboard in action, check out my video:

If you do virtual meetings or presentations, consider a virtual whiteboard like the Wacom Intuous pen tablet, to add interest and interaction to your presentations, and keep your audience engaged. What are your favorite tools for virtual experiences?

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