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what is a hashtag

Hashtags are used all over the Internet…..

But what the heck are they?!


Check out this video for a visual explanation of a hashtag’s uses and strategies.

What is a hashtag? – Click here to view on Youtube


Here you’ll learn:

  1. What a hashtag is
  2. How hashtags are used to search for content
  3. How to use a hashtag to promote your brand and grow customer engagement
  4. How to effectively use your business’s hashtag on Twitter and Instagram
  5. Popular hashtag trends


 Why do businesses use hashtags?

Hashtags have grown in popularity and are now used across social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. You can’t ignore them anymore. “What is a hashtag?” is one of the top questions that we get asked from those new to social media. Enjoy!



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