What Social Influencer Marketing is NOT

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Melissa Byers

Jul 19 2019

At the Belize Tourism Board’s Digital Marketing Summit, I had the pleasure of meeting Luis Carranza from Meltwater and hearing him speak about inslurncer marketing. In a market where brands are investing substantially in it, it’s only slightly better than the wild west, especially in Central America. Part of his presenation focused on five things influencer marketing is NOT.

1. Celebrity Does Not Equal Influencer

someone who is popular, famous, etc. does NOT equal influencer. popularity won’t help you generate sales if they’re not focused on what you need them to be. Shares your passion and interest.

anyone with an audience with common interests you want to tap into it

2. Influencer Marketing Isn’t Just for Sales and Brands

Just like with reviews, people trust total strangers more than they trust what comes directly from your brand. Organizations across the board are using influencers to get their messages in front of people who can benefit from their information but isn’t likely to interact with them. 

3. Influencer Marketing Isn’t Just for B2C

Businesses are engaging with influencers for their B2B strategies really successfully! They’re targeting other professionals who use their products and services by using influencers in the same field with similar passions and interests. 

4. Not a Replacement for Other Ads

Do NOT put all of your ads in the influencer marketing bucket. Influencers are a dynamic marketing component and some level of unpredictability. While it can be highly effective, it does come with risks and should only be part of your strategy.

5. Focus on Experience

Your audience will trust your influencers if you focus on the overall experience with them. That means you’re actively involved in the type of content your influencers are creating and how it’s performing to see what’s resonating. It also means you’re prepared to engage in a longterm relatinship with the influencer. A one-and-done approach isn’t typically a good strategy. As a brand or company, make your interactions with an influencers one that’s ongoing and worthwhile. This will come across as an authentic relationship and build trust with their audience.

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