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Your Personal Brand is MADE and You Are In Control

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Allison Chaney

Oct 07 2020

Have you ever Google’d yourself? Go ahead, try it right now and see what comes up.  Half the time when people Google themselves, they are not happy with what they find, but many people don’t realize how much control they actually have over this.  What we’re talking about here is your personal brand, and whether you like it or not, everyone has a personal brand and people are searching for you before, during and after meeting you.

Your personal brand can attract new opportunities such as job offers, sales, new clients, investment opportunities, investors for your startup, speaking engagements, media appearances, and much more. But if you aren’t in control of how you show up online, you could lose out on these opportunities.

Chances are, people are searching for you and the results are not good. So what can you do about it? You must start by realizing that your personal brand is MADE and you are in control of this.

MADE stands for Memorable, Authentic, Different, and Educated. When building your personal brand, follow this framework to define your personal brand, and bring it to life. Here’s how to use “MADE” to build your personal brand.

Memorable: Your personal brand should be specific, simple, and consistent. What do people remember about you after meeting you? Introduce yourself to a stranger and ask them to repeat back what stood out the most. This can be very eye-opening.

Authentic: Keep it real! Your brand should match who you really are so that you come across as genuine. Let your personality shine through!

Different: How do you stand out? What is unique and special about you? Your brand should reflect not only who you are and what you do but how you do it in your own unique way.

Educated: Build credibility by sharing your experience and accomplishments. What is your background and what have you achieved?

When you use this framework to build your personal brand, you will find it easier to create content and attract more opportunities. Remember, you are in control and you already have everything you need to create a powerful personal brand!

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