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10 Practical Tips To Make Your Content More Engaging

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10 practical tips to make your content more engaging

Allison Chaney

Mar 23 2021

Social media can be a powerful tool for driving results for your business. It can drive awareness, increase leads and sales, and foster brand advocate conversations. These are the golden nuggets that we’re all striving to achieve.

When we ask the experts how to get better results from our social media posts, the answer is always “be more engaging”! But how do you actually “make your content more engaging”?

We surveyed digital marketing experts on how to create more engaging social media content and uncovered these 6 tips from Jonah Berger, a world-renowned expert on viral marketing, shared by Ewelina Melon of Tidio. Here are 6 primary STEPPS to make your content engaging, and 4 practical tips to keep you on the path to social media success:

Social Currency:  things that show your fans in a good light. User generated content can work great here. Think of ways to invite your audience to share their experience with your brand.
Triggers: easy-to-remember information about your product or brand. Post about key benefits to the audience, or unique and remarkable features.
Emotions: create posts that evoke emotions.  Everything works here from laughter and happiness to sadness and even anger if placed strategically.
Public: widespread, universally understandable content. You must know your audience and create content in a tone of voice that they will understand.
Practical Value: helpful, informative content. What is your audience interested in and how can you add value to that conversation? Hint: it doesn’t have to be about your exact product or service.
Stories: storytelling post.
To get results from  your social media content, focus on these practical tips for creating valuable content that will engage fans:
The audience first. 
Creating engaging content is practically impossible without knowing what interests our audience. Take advantage of the social media free analytical tools (e.g., Facebook Audience Insights) and create content your audience will be willing to share with friends.
Provide high-quality and practical content. 
Creating valuable content is the foundation of a long-term relationship with the audience. As long as your followers will see your social media account as the source of genuinely helpful and practical tips, as long they will show their engagement and interests.
Structure the text in a simple, readable way.
There is nothing more invisible for social media users than the wall of unstructured text. Be sure you use the readable format as numbered lists, bullet points, and highlight key information.
Last but not least…Have fun with it! 
Test a different kind of content, use graphics, create infographics, prepare short videos and guides. Check which of the content’s forms resonates the most with your audience. Social media are fantastic mediums that allow you to build a relationship with your customers, and using them can be truly enjoyable and rewarding.
When creating content, remain grounded in these practical tips and you will see the impact in your results! For more on our content marketing tips, try our all access pass free for 5 days and get over 20 courses on digital marketing, including powerful tips for creating engaging content on all digital marketing channels.

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