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10 Ways to DOUBLE Your +1s in a Month [Infographic]

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Carolyn Coates

Feb 04 2014

So you have a Google+ page, now what?

Google+ will continue to grow and now is the time to build your brand’s presence make an impact. With so many registered users (over 1 billion) and growing daily activity, how do you improve your profile or brand’s page to set it above the rest?

The +1 button is clicked over 5 billion times a day and is the key to having a successful page on Google+. +1s are the top social media influencer for search engines and will build both your credibility and appearance in search results.

Here are ten easy (and fun) ways to DOUBLE your +1s in a month. By spending 15-20 minutes a day doing these 10 things, you will gain followers and +1s on your page that will connect you with top influencers and grow your professional network. Don’t miss out on these tips to help you improve your brand’s online presence.

10 Ways to Double Your +1s in a Month

By acting on these tips, you will see results, tweet, pin, share, or save this infographic so you can reference it every time you get on Google+.

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